Why community college instead of a four-year institution?

Whether you are interested in an associate degree program leading to a bachelor’s or higher degree or certificate program leading immediately to a career, California Community Colleges can help. Students who are not interested in transferring, or who wish to enter the workforce with salable job skills, will benefit from pursuing an Associate Degree or Certificate Program. Students who decide to follow this path will find that community colleges have over 100 certificates that will lead to employment in anywhere from 1 semester to 2 years. And students who take advantage of articulated courses while in high school can finish even sooner! Fifteen established career paths allow a student to choose courses that will lead them into a fulfilling career. Some certificate programs and Associate Degrees could allow the student to move into a field that pays from $40,000 to $60,000 per year after two to two and one half years of study.

The student is the most important person at our colleges. While attending, you will receive quality instruction from highly qualified and caring faculty. At the community college faculty are able to get to know their students. They are also available during established office hours so students can drop in for help.

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