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This Forum was created to allow public review of the articulation templates being created by the Statewide Career Pathways Project and to stimulate an online discussion among appropriate discipline faculty about the content of the articulation templates.

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Agreements are generated based on approved templates between a secondary school and a post-secondary institution, usually a community college.

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Use the templates on this page in forging a local articulation agreement. All agreements resulting from these templates will be available on this website.

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An articulated high school course is a high school course or courses that the faculty in the discipline have determined to be comparable to a specific community college course.

Students whom have taken an articulated high school course may be able to earn college credit by choosing to participate in a credit by examination process. Specific credit by examination processes vary by institution.

Articulation Templates

To facilitate the discussions at local institutions and assist with the process of articulating coursework, Statewide Career Pathways has developed articulation templates. These articulation templates represent CTE (career technical education) courses typically offered at high schools/ROCPs and community college. The templates were written by Discipline Work Groups comprised of faculty from high schools, ROCPs, and community colleges, with input from the broader discipline field and provide a general overview of the content and structure of such classes offered throughout the state.

How to Use the Templates

These templates are provided as an example and guide, to facilitate the process of creating local articulation agreements between high schools/ROCPs and community colleges, making it easier and faster for you. Please feel free to adapt a template as necessary to accurately describe a course actually being offered on your campus.

If you use of any of these templates in forging a local articulation agreement, please upload the final agreement here. All agreements resulting from these templates will be included in the Statewide Career Pathways database that will be available to educators, school/college staff, students, and parents throughout the state via this website. Making the details of these agreements easily accessible for review by all is critical to the project goals of improving the portability and effectiveness of school-to-college articulation across California.

For more information about the templates and how best to use them, please call the Statewide Career Pathways office at (916) 445-4753.

Please check the listing periodically, as we will be adding new templates as they get approved.

To find a particular template you must first specify the career path it is associated with. When you select a career path the list of associated disciplines will be displayed. Select one of the disciplines and then click the Show Template List button to see the list of existing templates. The list of templates that is displayed below will show the template titles available to view. Click on the template title to view the document.

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For more information about templates please call the Statewide Career Pathways office at 916-445-4753.

Please check the listing periodically, as more will be added throughout the year.


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