Statewide Career Pathways Publications

  • Handbook for Articulating with Secondary Schools and ROCPs (PDF)
    Supplemental CD (PDF) (Word Version)

  • How to Use The Statewide Career Pathways Articulation Templates (PDF) (Word Version)
    Step-by-step instructions on how to create local articulation agreements based on a Statewide Career Pathways articulation template.

  • The California Career Technical Education Model Curriculum Standards
    This reference document outlines the foundational standards stipulated by the California Department of Education (CDE) for career technical education (CTE) programs offered in grades 7-12.

    • Draft CTE Standards Front Pages (Word) - Executive Summary
    • Draft CTE Standards - All Industry Sectors (Word; 5MB)

    By Industry Sector:

    • Agriculture and Natural Resources (Word)
    • Arts, Media, and Entertainment (Word)
    • Building and Construction Trades (Word)
    • Business and Finance (Word)
    • Education, Child Development, and Family Services (Word)
    • Energy, Environment, and Utilities (Word)
    • Engineering and Architecture (Word)
    • Fashion and Interior Design (Word)
    • Health Science and Medical Technology (Word)
    • Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation (Word)
    • Information and Communication Technologies (Word)
    • Manufacturing and Product Design (Word)
    • Marketing Sales and Service (Word)
    • Public Services (Word)
    • Transportation (Word)
  • The Matrix of Statewide ROCP Courses (PDF)
    This matrix provides some information about where particular ROCP classes and programs are offered throughout California. (Last updated 2005-2006)

  • Articulation Agreement Flowchart (PDF)
  • Tech Prep Newsletter
    • Tech Prep Newsletter Issue I 2009 (PDF)
    • Tech Prep Newsletter Issue II 2010 (PDF)
    • Tech Prep Newsletter Issue III 2010 (PDF)

  • Statewide Career Pathways Newsletter
    • March (Volume I) (PDF)
    • June (Volume II) (PDF)
    • January (Volume III) (PDF)
    • January 2009 (PDF)


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