Program of Study


A program of study is a planned sequence of courses in a recognized CTE industry sector. The sequence must include both secondary and postsecondary elements and must be aligned with the California Career Technical Education Model Curriculum Standards, CTE Framework and academic content standards.

Program of Study Templates

To facilitate the discussions at local institutions and assist with the process of developing Programs of Study, Statewide Career Pathways has developed Program of Study templates. These templates represent CTE (career technical education) programs typically offered at high schools/ROCPs and community college and include the approved Transfer Model Curriculum (TMC) in that field. The templates were developed by groups comprised of faculty from high schools, ROCPs, and community colleges, with input from the broader discipline field.

How to Use the Templates

These templates are provided as an example and guide, to facilitate the process of creating local programs of study between high schools/ROCPs and community colleges, making it easier and faster for you. Local program of study templates will provide students with a seamless and comprehensive transition from grades 9 through 12, through community colleges, utilizing an approved local Associate of Science for Transfer (AS-T) major as a vehicle for matriculation from high school to CSU, through community colleges.

As you use these templates, feel free to customize the content as you complete your Program of Study form to fit the needs of your college and participating partners. If you use of any of these templates in forging a local program of study, please upload it here (link).

Program of Study
Administration of Justice Excel or PDF
Agriculture - Agriculture Business Excel or PDF
Agriculture - Animal Science Excel or PDF
Agriculture - Plant Science Excel or PDF
Business Administration Excel or PDF
Early Childhood Education Excel or PDF
Elementary Teacher Education Excel or PDF
Film, TV, Electronic Media Excel or PDF
Nutrition and Dietetics Excel or PDF
Theatre Excel or PDF
*Blank Program of Study Sheet Excel or PDF

For more information about templates please call the Statewide Career Pathways office at 916-445-4753.

Please check the listing periodically, as we will be adding new templates as they get approved.

Counselor Toolkit

These templates -and over 100 more- are available in the online Counselor Toolkit. Designed for high school counselors working with students, the toolkit assists with the development of a comprehensive program of study in any of California’s 15 industry sectors. Access to the toolkit is available for secondary institutions only. For more information and access to, contact


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