Why should community college faculty participate in articulation programs with high schools?

Many community college Career and Technical Education programs have benefited from articulation programs with the high schools within their service area. These benefits include:

  1. Increased enrollment and retention;
  2. Improved relations with feeder programs;
  3. More effective advisory committees;
  4. Better utilization of resources;
  5. State and federal grants;
  6. Community recognition.

An effective articulation program can increase your program enrollment. Articulation agreements with your local high schools heighten awareness of course and degree offerings and help you to market your program. Students are much more likely to enroll and stay in a community college program that they know won’t require them to wade through the same information they got in high school.

Articulation programs allow you to work with local high school faculty rather than competing with them. High school instructors are more inclined to encourage their students to enroll in your program after graduation if there is working articulation program in place. Articulation agreements put you and the high school faculty on the same team.

An articulation program provides opportunities to combine advisory committee meetings and share advisory committee members with the Career and Technical Education programs at your local high schools. Advisory committee members appreciate the more effective use of their time and input, and will be more willing to support your program when they see a working articulation agreement in place.

The writing is on the wall! The State, through SB70, and the federal government, through VTEA, want to see articulation agreements between high schools and community colleges developed and used. They see articulation as a way to both improve quality and reduce cost. Faculty members that want their share of this type of funding need to be actively involved in articulation programs.

Successful articulation programs lead to recognition in the community and provide ways to promote and publicize your programs. Spreading the “good news” about successful articulation agreements does not appear self-serving or look like just another marketing campaign.

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