Career Technical Education (CTE) Model Curriculum


CTE Model Curriculum represents a faculty-developed structure for establishing the major components of a California Community College (CCC) degree. These degrees include technical career education courses that prepare students for college and careers based upon industry specified needs as determined by local, regional and statewide advisory committees.

Model Curriculum Descriptors and Templates

In response to the need for a common course numbering system, the Academic Senates for California Community Colleges and the California State University system developed a faculty-led, statewide, concerted effort, the Course Identification Numbering System (C-ID), to identify the course content for courses which are commonly part of lower division transfer requirements. While C-ID’s focus has been on courses that transfer, some disciplines may opt to develop descriptors for courses that may not transfer to UC or CSU. For more information, visit

C-ID is being used to develop “descriptors” for courses which are part of local Associate of Science Degrees and Certificates, providing assurances to students and faculty that courses offered at one institution are comparable to those elsewhere, provided they have the same C-ID number. Any community college course that bears the C-ID supranumber conveys that faculty has determined it meets the published course content, rigor, and student learning outcomes. The C-ID descriptor also means that any other course elsewhere, bearing the same number will be accepted by the institution. Once CTE model curricula have been drafted by discipline faculty, it is vetted where feedback is gathered from a wider sampling of faculty. Once finalized, model curriculum becomes available for community colleges to use as they develop their associate degrees and certificates.

The list of templates below represents the templates that are currently in development. Once a template is finalized, a click on the template title will open the document for viewing.

CTE Model Curricula
Addiction Studies In Development
Allied Health In Development
Automotive Technology In Development
Biotechnology In Development
Commercial Music In Development
Culinary Arts In Development
Emergency Medical Services In Development

For more information about templates please call the Statewide Career Pathways office at 916-445-4753.

Please check the listing periodically, as we will be adding new templates as they are approved.


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