What is Articulation?

For the purposes of this project, articulation is the result of working together to make things happen for our students.  In its simplest form, articulation means that coursework taken by students in high school or ROP/C is recognized by postsecondary institutions.  This agreement is completed through a collaborative process of between high school/ROPC teachers and community college faculty aligning courses and programs.  Ideally, it includes a seamless transition of course work where academic standards are designed, reviewed, and implemented to eliminate the duplication of skills and student learning outcomes.  The primary goal is to avoid duplication of coursework required of students as they move through our educational system and to speed the completion of a certificate or degree from a postsecondary institution.  This increases secondary retention, eliminates duplication, reduces the cost of education and increases the likelihood of attendance at the postsecondary level.  Students are much more likely to enroll and stay in a college program that they know won’t require them to wade through the same information the got in high school.  Articulation is student-focused and is good for everyone.

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