Statewide Career Pathways

Creating School to College Articulation

Statewide Career Pathways: Creating School to College Articulation provides an statewide framework to assist high school and college faculty to collaborate and develop programs of study that include articulation of high school coursework. Articulation agreements vary by discipline and may include alignment of course skills, concepts and sequences, advanced placement possibilities and credit by examination options. While our schools and colleges have already participated in many efforts to align curriculum and develop articulated programs of study especially through CTE Transitions activities, faculty have indicated several unmet needs which this project addresses.

Project activities include:

  • Develop a database of articulation agreements, accessible across the state.
  • Develop discipline-specific programs of study, to be used as boiler-plate documents when formalizing a secondary-postsecondary relationship.
  • Provide opportunities and support for faculty at schools and colleges to meet and develop programs of study that include opportunities for articulation, work-based learning, and dual enrollment.
  • Create outreach strategies to encourage participation of students, parents and schools/college personnel.
  • Increase communication among faculty and staff at community colleges statewide whom are implementing CTE Transitions projects.
  • Collaborate with C-ID projects to create seamless transitions to transfer majors at Cal State Universities.

The project is led by a steering committee with members from community college and high school faculty and administration, the California Department of Education, the System Office for the California Community Colleges, CTE Transitions and ROCPs. The committee began its work in July 2006.


In September 2005 Senator Scott's Vocational Education legislation, SB 70, was chaptered into the Education Code section 88532. The bill focuses on improving the linkages and career-technical pathways between high school and California community colleges. Most of the community college response to the legislation was through programs coordinated directly from the System Office; however, the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges focused on the design and implementation of one project called Statewide Career Pathways: Creating School to College Articulation.
In September 2012, Senator Steinberg’s SB1070, continued the work of SB70 and was chaptered into the Education Code section 88530. This bill established the Career Technical Education Pathways Program, which would require the Chancellor of the California Community Colleges and the Superintendent of Public Instruction to assist in the development and strengthening of linkages and career technical education pathways between high schools and community colleges to accomplish specified objectives.

For information about the project, please contact, or the Academic Senate Office at (916) 445-4753.


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